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reading:This hook up device really works

This hook up device really works

Yours truly first logged on to Just Dating in 2016, and within a week after a paying I met a petite so and so with big tits.
I normally set a time in the evening to chat with people on Just Dating.
One evening I was really bored so started to chat to her.
I didn't really know how to bring up sex, so I just casually asked whether she thought sex is important in a relationship.
She said that it's really important and that's how we started to talk.
After we got familiar, I wanted to ask her to meet up for a date.
In the beginning, she only wanted to talk and didn't want to meet up.
She had about 10 friends on Just Dating. I asked if she fancied going for a drive at some point and she said she'd see how she felt on the day.
I felt like she trusted me so I thought I'd strike while the iron's hot and find a time to ask to go out for something to eat.
I went to collect her on a Friday after she'd finished work and we went somewhere near Feng Chai to eat.
I'd remembered that conveniently there was a motel near the place we were eating...
I sat next to her as we were eating. We chatted, exchanged glances and tried to get over the awkwardness of a first meeting. Soon our bodies started to touch and we were like animals before mating when they rub against each other to taste the other's hormones.
After we'd finished eating I took her hand and led her back to my car.
She asked me where we going. I suggested we go to a motel to rest for a while as she looked tired after just getting off a night shift.
So off we drove to the motel.
In the elevator I asked if I could kiss her. The perfume she had on sent me wild!
She said yes.
I softly kissed her forehead, her hair, cheek, nose and then her lips. At this point I was eager to get my tongue in.
She said don't go so fast.
As soon as we got into the room I locked the door behind me and started kissing her again. She wanted it and we couldn't have drawn our lips away from each other even if we tried with our tongues so eager to explore.
I couldn't take it and so grabbed her breasts. Is this OK? She didn't say no and took her top off.
Then I pushed her on to the bed and started to touch her in the right places.
As I got going on her pussy it got me really excited to hear her moan out loud.
She got me to stop and I thought she'd finished...
But it turned out she wanted to tell me that she didn't have much experience and wanted me to take it slowly.
So I said, 'let me come in softly'.
She hesitated for a second and then said: you've got to use a condom.So I took the brand new 0.01 I'd prepared specially and showed her. I taught how to use it and how not to put it on the wrong way.
And so we continued with what we were doing.I got her to tell me what she wanted and where. I was so hard and was afraid I'd finish too soon. Maybe she really hadn't seen much dick. She kept saying how big and hard I was and this gave me extra confidence to fuck her hard.
Hearing her moan was the best because her face was so sweet and innocent. She seemed like a different person in bed and I felt like she was loving every minute of it. It was a really intense feeling and I felt like I was going to cum really soon. So I asked her to get up and let me come in from behind.
Doggy style is the position where I feel the best. With one hand I could feel her breasts and with the other I could massage her clit. From behind we could still kiss and hold each other close.
I asked her how she was feeling, whether she liked what I was doing. At that point she was already like a tame cat and replied in a sexy voice: ""you're so hard, I love it.""
I used my hand to feel her plump little white ass. From behind feels so good... We switched to her on top to finish to let her control how she was feeling. I love that feeling of having a girl on top move how she wants and in a way which makes her feel best.
After we'd finished we slept for a while holding each other.
But my dick soon warmed up and we went for it again. Two times in one night really is tiring, which made me think I should look after myself and get ready for my next Just Dating date.
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