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Just Dating really works

Having nothing to do recently and after hearing a friend talk about the how easy it is to get a hook up on Just Dating, I thought I'd give it a try.
After using the worst chat up line in history a few times to no effect, she appeared. I don't really remember what we talked about in the beginning, I just remember that she went to the same university as me. Using her surprise as bate I made a suggestion:
'That's good then, if we're not too far away from each other it won't be too difficult to meet up.'
'You'd have to be something good to get me out', she replied saucily.
I'm not good at much else, but I can talk with girls. Within no time, I'd got her to send over some pictures of herself and then we added each other on Line. Long hair and a cute face. Boom! I'd finally found what I was looking for.

We'd been flirting for a couple of weeks and talking about when we were going to find a time to hook up. But we were both busy right up until last week when I got her Line message:
'You're free tonight?', she asked.
'Yeah sure, nothing on tonight'.
'Let's meet outside yours and talk then'.
Before I knew it, she was here.

She was sexy as hell with a nice pair of C size tits.
After talking for a bit in my room we started kissing. She was soon groaning for more and I went in behind her ears to hear her groan louder. My hand went for her panties and I found her pussy was already wet. But I know the best is always saved for last so I moved by hand back up to her tits.
As we were kissing I helped her take off her bra and let her big tits fall out. I used my tongue to draw circles around her nipples and used my hands to massage her tits. Listening to her moan, I knew she was getting really wet down there. Really wet.
After taking off her panties and opening up her legs she looked up at me as if to ask what I was doing.
I didn't really reply and went straight in there with my tongue. Getting my tongue in her pussy reminded me: next time I do it with a girl it'd probably be best to get her to have a shower first...
Anyway, before I let her go too far down the line I asked her if she wanted me to come inside her with my dick. She shly nodded and I put on the johnny I'd brought with me (it's best to keep safe guys and girls, always wear protection!).
It took her a while to get use to my dick being inside her because she hadn't done sex in a while and needed to get used to my size. We fucked in missionary position and her moans had already turned into screams of pleasure. Maybe it was just her, but I felt I was fucking her really deep and every time I heard her scream I just wanted to go in deeper to give her more. After we'd finished on the missionary position, she said that she wanted to go on top. So I held onto her and kept my dick inside her whilst she got on top of me. Then she started moving her body in the way she wanted. I couldn't wait for her to do her thing, so I started pumping my dick into her with her still on top. She was loving this but eventually got me to stop because she said it was too much for her. You know you've done something right as a guy when this happens... She rested for a bit lying on my body and then I got her going again. Thrusting my dick inside her now I could hear the sound of her cream and my dick rubbing up against each other. The scene it the room at that point was really dirty. She was loving every minute of it but after another round she had to have another rest.
'Let's use doggy style to finish', I said.
I got her to stick her ass up in the air and we went from there. Taking her from behind I realized how nice her tits were. Her ass was even better and this made me even harder. I was fucking her really hard now, moving faster and harder on her pussy. She said I was going to kill her like this. Hearing this made me go for it even more. I pulled her body up towards me so I could finish inside her with our bodies close together. And so that's how my first hook up experience went...
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