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Spontaneous Love (Mr. E, 33)
The thing is you can never really expect anything amazing especially when you meet someone over the net, so that's what I thought, you see it's not about the person whom you are going out with, but rather the person who you want to be. I met this petite size looking girl, average size boobs, average size butt and a little geeky in my opinion but cute I must say. We started off immediately by suggesting what can we do and what we came up as an activity was to go steal something... Haha this is a very surprising first date. Caught me off guard entirely but what the heck, so we instantly click and I was already on the way to her place the next minute. I picked her up and then both of us chicken out in the end when we were talking about it. I end up bringing her to my pool side and we talk about her fears and loves. She cried while telling me her past, and I thought that was it... I won't be able to see her again. Funny thing is today, she is my girlfriend!
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