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Just Dating really works
Having nothing to do recently and after hearing a friend talk about the how easy it is to get a hook up on Just Dating, I thought I'd give it a try.
After using the worst chat up line in history a few times to no effect, she appeared. I don't really remember what we talked about in the beginning, I just remember that she went to the same university as me. Using her surprise as bate I made a suggestion:
'That's good then, if we're not too far away from each other it won't be too difficult to meet up.'
'You'd have to be something good to get me out', she replied saucily.
I'm not good at much else, but I can talk with girls. Within no time, I'd got her to send over some pictures of herself and then we added each other on Line. Long hair and a cute face. Boom! I'd finally found what I was looking for.

We'd been flirting for a couple of weeks and talking about when we were going to find a time to hook up. But we were both busy right up until last week when I got her Line message:
'You're free tonight?', she asked.
'Yeah sure, nothing on tonight'.
'Let's meet outside yours and talk then'.
Before I knew it, she was here.

She was sexy as hell with a nice pair of C size tits.
After talking for a bit in my room we started kissing. She was soon groaning for more and I went in behind her ears to hear her groan louder. My hand went for her panties and I found her pussy was already wet. But I know the best is always saved for last so I moved by hand back up to her tits.
As we were kissing I helped her take off her bra and let her big tits fall out. I used my tongue to draw circles around her nipples and used my hands to massage her tits. Listening to her moan, I knew she was getting really wet down there. Really wet.
After taking off her panties and opening up her legs she looked up at me as if to ask what I was doing.
I didn't really reply and went straight in there with my tongue. Getting my tongue in her pussy reminded me: next time I do it with a girl it'd probably be best to get her to have a shower first...
Anyway, before I let her go too far down the line I asked her if she wanted me to come inside her with my dick. She shly nodded and I put on the johnny I'd brought with me (it's best to keep safe guys and girls, always wear protection!).
It took her a while to get use to my dick being inside her because she hadn't done sex in a while and needed to get used to my size. We fucked in missionary position and her moans had already turned into screams of pleasure. Maybe it was just her, but I felt I was fucking her really deep and every time I heard her scream I just wanted to go in deeper to give her more. After we'd finished on the missionary position, she said that she wanted to go on top. So I held onto her and kept my dick inside her whilst she got on top of me. Then she started moving her body in the way she wanted. I couldn't wait for her to do her thing, so I started pumping my dick into her with her still on top. She was loving this but eventually got me to stop because she said it was too much for her. You know you've done something right as a guy when this happens... She rested for a bit lying on my body and then I got her going again. Thrusting my dick inside her now I could hear the sound of her cream and my dick rubbing up against each other. The scene it the room at that point was really dirty. She was loving every minute of it but after another round she had to have another rest.
'Let's use doggy style to finish', I said.
I got her to stick her ass up in the air and we went from there. Taking her from behind I realized how nice her tits were. Her ass was even better and this made me even harder. I was fucking her really hard now, moving faster and harder on her pussy. She said I was going to kill her like this. Hearing this made me go for it even more. I pulled her body up towards me so I could finish inside her with our bodies close together. And so that's how my first hook up experience went...

A matchmaking app that's worth it
I hadn't had a fuck for a while and whilst I'd considering visiting a whore, I didn't really feel like it. Of course they probably give you a great service (or maybe they don't?) and I'm sure they've got the skills, but it'd be hard escaping the feeling that they're just acting.
To put it simply, I felt like organizing my own hookup would make me feel better about it all. One of my ex-colleagues was a bit of an old hand with this kind of thing and was always recommending different match making apps for me to try. I'd tried a fair few and had some luck with using Pairs. But I'd soon stopped using that app because of too many adverts and because of all the fake accounts on there. When I was bored I saw on a message board that Just Dating was worth a shot. I'd also heard that because you had to pay to get online it kept down the number of adverts and stopped people from making fake accounts. Another thing which appealed to me is that you can adjust the security settings on who can access your pictures. Anyway, saving up a bit of cigarette money would soon give me enough for a month's membership.
For the first few days after I logged on I had a look to see if there were any potential targets in the local area and then I started to strike up conversation with a few girls, though of course it takes a little more work than that. After a couple of weeks of hunting I settled on a leggy 27 year old. At the beginning I was just thinking: she's tall, that's my type. Then we got talking and I cracked a few jokes. I soon realized that she wasn't afraid of moving on to some more saucy topics and we slowly started talking about when we were going to meet up.
At first we'd said we'd just meet up for a meal and then a movie. Who'd have known that we'd head off to get things started straight after dinner.
After checking in, we started to explore each others bodies. She'd said before that she had loads of experience but she was really quite shy. When she took off her clothes it was a view to be had and I was like an wild animal going after her that night.
We still meet up when we can. Of course, I've also got other girls on the go through Just Dating...

A Just Dating hook up novice
When I first started using Just Dating, I guess I was like everyone else when they first start and had a nervous but excited feeling.
But I guess I just got lucky, cause after being online for about a week someone added me on whatsapp and I asked them if they wanted to meet up. It didn't work out that time because she had to go abroad on business, but we got talking on the Line messaging app.
We soon got to know each other a bit more and saw eachother's profile pictures. Turned out she gave me a 9.5 out of ten cause she said I looked cute and because I looked a bit like a native guy. Not sure I agree because I'm not that good looking! But I thanked her anyway.
Finally, we got to meet up on the night before Valentine's Day. I was really nervous before our date, this being my first experience with a hook up and all. Even if you get to know someone well by chatting online, it doesn't always work out when you meet them in person, right? A word of advice to other guys out there: when someone adds you, don't let your sperm get to your head and ask them out for a fuck straight away. You're only going to scare them away. I recommend you just go in with the same kind of attitude you would when meeting someone you want to be friends with. This way you won't make them feel uncomfortable and it'll be easier to keep the relationship going. In my opinion, you need to show them you care first. Anyway, enough of my advice. The important thing is, she agreed to meet up!

Let's cut to the chase...

The day we met up we'd arranged to meet outside the metro station. It's hard to describe my feeling when I went to meet her because I really had no experience in this kind of thing. Even though I'd had a little bit of experience with her online, this felt like I was taking it to the next level. She was a considerate woman with a straightforward, straight talking personality. Although on looks she wasn't really my type, but I told myself this kind of experience doesn't come up often. The day we met up she was dressed in black and I really liked her style. I payed attention to what she was wearing cause that's the kind of thing I like in a woman.
We went on to a motel and tried my best to use conversation to relax the mood. We watched a movie for a while until it was time to go to sleep. We put the lights out and I noticed that she'd taken off her bra. I knew this was my sign.
So I went in for the kiss and started feeling her tits. Her tits were really big and soft, they must have been Fs. I moved onto her ears, then down to her neck and then back to her ears. I could feel her body getting hotter and as I moved my lips onto her breasts she let out a moan. After kissing for a while I got my hand down there. The sexy G-string she was wearing got me really hot for her. Then I started moving my finger towards her clit and I realised she was already really wet. I pulled my finger out for a second and saw it was already covered in her cream.
After giving her a little bit more I asked her what she wanted me to do next. I'm the type of guy who wants to satisfy a girl and, when we were chatting on Line, I'd got the impression that she was quite modest. She'd asked me before whether or not I'd go down on a girl and I'd said I would but that first I'd need to get to know the girl's sexual history to know she wasn't carrying anything. After all, making sure everyone's safe should be everyone's first rule. Through talking I'd learned that she'd only been with one other guy and it been three or four years since they were together.
So I asked her if she wanted me to go down her and she said yes. I gave her the full works and she told how good it made her feel and how me asking her beforehand helped her relax. After that she started feeling my member and telling how much she'd been looking forward to seeing how big he was.
Then she asked me to come into her. I wanted to make sure she was was wet enough before putting my dick in. I know that girls who haven't had sex in a while will be a little tight and will need to take it slowly when they start up again. So I'd extended our time doing foreplay on purpose to make sure she was ready and I wanted to wait for her signal before putting him in.
After a while though, she said she was a little bit uncomfortable and so we changed positions. Changing positions got her going and she started saying how hard I was and asking me to go in deeper. Listening to this I could barely stop myself from coming. We carried on like that for 10 or more minutes and then I started doing her from behind. She'd said that she had more feeling in this position, so I didn't want to disappoint her. But it being my first hook up, I was still quite nervous and my member suddenly went soft. She was really nice and considerate about it though, and said she knew why I was nervous. After trying to get him going again for a bit we decided to call it a day and went for a shower.

It's sooooo easy to get a hook up on Just Dating
Only a week after registering I got to know a girl. We talked for a bit and then soon decided to meet up.
I asked where she wanted to go and she said she wasn't too fussed and she'd leave it up to me.
'Really, up to me?' I asked her.
'Yeah, that's what I said. If you dare'.
We met up on a Sunday and soon made our way to a motel. As soon as we got to the motel we got to it. First I held her from behind and started to tease her, then our lips met and we started kissing. After that she gave me a blowjob with me leaning on the bathtub and her skills were amazing. Then I got her to hold onto the towel rail whilst I came at her from behind doggy style. Her legs soon turned to jelly with me coming from behind so we got into bed for some more action. It was whilst we were doing it missionary with me holding her D size tits that we came together. When she orgasmed her legs squeezed up against my dick inside her and I pumped her pussy full of my cream. I haven't spunked inside a girl for a while and I'd forgotten how good a feeling it was. After fucking we held each other for a while and then took a shower together.
Needless to say we kept in touch and she still asks me to go out with her sometimes or to go round to her place for more.

How is she going to teach those kids with a straight face tomorrow...
A friend recommended this to me saying how easy it was to hook up with chicks. After only three days of trying, I really did strike it lucky. She was a Kindergarten teacher who was looking for a bit of excitement in her life.
At first I was just like: you must be hungry after work, let's get a bite to eat. And she took the bate. At the end of the evening I did the polite thing and offered to take her back home. But when I asked her where she wanted to go next she said that she didn't want to go home. I suggested that she have a shower in a motel to freshen up before she went to bed and to my surprise she agreed. When she took off her clothes out came the most amazing tits I'd ever seen. 'Where have you been hiding those?', I thought. They must have been at least Es. After letting her have her shower we fucked the night away...

Just Dating helps chase away that lonely feeling
In the beginning I was using Just Dating for a bit of comfort. I'd already flicked through a few hot girls when I got talking to a 23 year old grad student. We talked for a bit and then met up to go watch a movie. When we met up it was a little awkward, but her being a lot cuter than her picture made up for it, and whilst watching the movie we gave each other a few knowing glances.
After we'd had something to eat it's like we both knew what was going to happen.
We took a ride to a local motel and when we got to the room I was already really hot for her. As soon as we closed the door I had her up against the wall. Hearing her moan sent me even more crazy and then I soon got my fingers in her pussy. Let's just say we decided to swap numbers after a night neither of us would forget.
After that we met up another two or three times before she found another guy. But I just want to say that without Just Dating I wouldn't have had this experience to meet such a hot girl.

Meeting the girl of my dreams
I vaguely remember the day. I was searching for my nightly prey as usual and just as I thought Just Dating wouldn't come up with the goods, I struck lucky.
Hearing my phone vibrate I got out of bed and saw straight away that she was my type. Eyes that could smile, long legs, sweet face, a little bit of timber on her body. Most importantly, she had a pair of lovely big tits, which from first look seemed like they must be at least an E. This all got me super excited.
I told myself, I can't let this kind of high level pussy get away, so I sent a probing message of 'Hey, this late and you're still not in bed' to get us talking.
I soon found out that she had a boyfriend but that she wasn't satisfied and didn't find her boyfriend sexy. They had sex but she said it was too dry, so she'd been searching for some comfort, though she hadn't yet set anything up with anyone else.
We spent a few days chatting, me slowly trying to work into her heart and help her get over any moral dilemmas she was having. Finally, we set up a date.
When we met I saw that she really was sex on legs. A shy smile, eyes that could talk, and those tits which sent me wild, so much so I almost did her by the side of the road. We made it into the motel though.
I was a little nervous and unsure what to say when we got there. We soon got talking though and when I saw her smile I knew I was in there. Then she went for a shower and promised me not to peek. I smiled and duly agreed.
It was a beautiful sight when she walked out. She'd changed into a dressing gown and knowing what was hiding beneath just made her even more irresistable. She shyly asked 'How do I look?' and I replied with a passionate kiss.
I carried her onto the bed and started kissing her all over. She was a little shy at first and wasn't that willing to kiss back. But I didn't care how hard I'd have to work, I just wanted to show this girl that there was no rush. I searched her body for her sensitive spots, working from her ears to her neck to those tits. Turns out her nipples were really sensitive and I started to use my tongue to draw little circles on the tips of her nipples to tease her. I'd hit the spot and she ended up pulling my head onto her tits to make me give her more. 'That's how I like it', she said. Then I started really going for it with my tongue and her moans were getting sweeter and sweeter. After finishing with her tits I started to move down her body, moving from her back to her belly button, first skirting around her area and then moving slowly back up via her legs. When I got to her panties I knew I she'd given in to me. Her panties were soaked with juice and I could see the smear where her pussy was. Seeing her pussy so wet I smiled and said, 'you're so wet'. She smiled back and said, 'I want you'.
She pulled off her her panties and fuck me, her pussy was so hot. Her pussy lips were just right, not too big and not too small, and her clit was the perfect shape. Looking at the cream coming out of there I wasted no time and started going down on her. The moan she let out when I started on her pussy was so hot. I licked her pussy up and down and put my tongue in there. Then I gave her my fingers, first one, then two. Her moaning just kept getting more intense and she pushed my head down onto her pussy and said: 'fucking give me more, lick my clit'.
I started on her clit and got my hands involved too, using one to finger her and the other to tease her nipples. I increased the speed and when I saw her pussy squirt I knew she'd orgasmed and it was so sexy to see her body shake at the same time.
At this point I thought she might want a rest, but as I went to grab my smokes and my phone she started kissing me like crazy, first on my neck and ears, then down to my nipples and then down to my dick. She said to me: 'it's your turn for some fun'. Her technique was fucking amazing. First, she started licking my bell end then she started teasing my balls with her tongue. Then she started giving me a full on deep throat blowjob and fuck me, she knew what she doing, sucking on my nob and everything, it felt as good as when I jerk myself off. I nearly came a few times and then she started teasing my balls again. The whole experience just blew me away and I was ready for more.
Then she got on top and started fucking me like crazy, grabbing my hands to start feeling her tits again. Then she climbed off, bent over and said: 'get your dick in here, now'. I didn't hesitate and started humping her from behind, giving her more and more with every thrust. In half an hour we swapped positions several times and then she orgasmed again. After that, she said: 'I'm too sensitive now, you'll have to stop. I still hadn't finished so she gave me another blow job to finish off the perfect fuck.
Since then we've been meeting up every week...

Just Dating helps me get laid
One time when I opened up Just Dating during the day I got talking to a girl with the handle 'Mian girl'. We were talking about what we were going to have for dinner when I jokingly said: 'If you're not sure why don't you come and eat me?' She replied: 'Alright, I'll have you this evening.'
In turns out that night we ended having 'dinner' together.

A couple of days later...

The next time I went looking for action was super quick and easy. It was nearly midnight and I was on my bed just playing on my phone when a message came through: 'Hey'. I replied politely and after quick introductions we soon got talking saucy. 'Not having you at my side I just can't sleep, let's do something naughty.' She replied: 'You want me with you, come on out then.' After that we quickly arranged a place and time and got to the nearest motel despite it being 2am in the morning.
Let's just say her sexy body kept me going till morning...

A few days later...

The next time I really met the girl of my dreams. Her body was so hot and irresistible. We'd been talking for quite a while and finally set up a time to meet. As soon as I saw her I got so hard and excited. We went into the room and I held her from behind and she turned around, smiled, and then we started kissing. I started getting my hands around her tits and then realized she had no bra on. I got my hands working on her nipples and my lips on her ears and neck and that's when and she started to groan. We fell into bed and I had a feel of her already wet panties as we continued to kiss. She helped me get my pants off and then she was giving me a deep throat blow job, kissing my balls while she was at it. At this point I was so hard I couldn't stop myself. She lay down and spread her legs and her pussy was just begging me to come in. I slowly worked my member in and soon her pussy was full of my throbbing dick. I stopped for a second and then held up her hips and started to really go for it, pushing my dick in deeply on every thrust. Her groaning filled the room and we started to slowly increase speed until we both finished together. There was so much hot juice coming out of her pussy I could feel it through the protection.
Who'd have thought Just Dating would help me get rid of ten rubbers within a week. It looks like I might need a rest...

This hook up device really works
Yours truly first logged on to Just Dating in 2016, and within a week after a paying I met a petite so and so with big tits.
I normally set a time in the evening to chat with people on Just Dating.
One evening I was really bored so started to chat to her.
I didn't really know how to bring up sex, so I just casually asked whether she thought sex is important in a relationship.
She said that it's really important and that's how we started to talk.
After we got familiar, I wanted to ask her to meet up for a date.
In the beginning, she only wanted to talk and didn't want to meet up.
She had about 10 friends on Just Dating. I asked if she fancied going for a drive at some point and she said she'd see how she felt on the day.
I felt like she trusted me so I thought I'd strike while the iron's hot and find a time to ask to go out for something to eat.
I went to collect her on a Friday after she'd finished work and we went somewhere near Feng Chai to eat.
I'd remembered that conveniently there was a motel near the place we were eating...
I sat next to her as we were eating. We chatted, exchanged glances and tried to get over the awkwardness of a first meeting. Soon our bodies started to touch and we were like animals before mating when they rub against each other to taste the other's hormones.
After we'd finished eating I took her hand and led her back to my car.
She asked me where we going. I suggested we go to a motel to rest for a while as she looked tired after just getting off a night shift.
So off we drove to the motel.
In the elevator I asked if I could kiss her. The perfume she had on sent me wild!
She said yes.
I softly kissed her forehead, her hair, cheek, nose and then her lips. At this point I was eager to get my tongue in.
She said don't go so fast.
As soon as we got into the room I locked the door behind me and started kissing her again. She wanted it and we couldn't have drawn our lips away from each other even if we tried with our tongues so eager to explore.
I couldn't take it and so grabbed her breasts. Is this OK? She didn't say no and took her top off.
Then I pushed her on to the bed and started to touch her in the right places.
As I got going on her pussy it got me really excited to hear her moan out loud.
She got me to stop and I thought she'd finished...
But it turned out she wanted to tell me that she didn't have much experience and wanted me to take it slowly.
So I said, 'let me come in softly'.
She hesitated for a second and then said: you've got to use a condom.So I took the brand new 0.01 I'd prepared specially and showed her. I taught how to use it and how not to put it on the wrong way.
And so we continued with what we were doing.I got her to tell me what she wanted and where. I was so hard and was afraid I'd finish too soon. Maybe she really hadn't seen much dick. She kept saying how big and hard I was and this gave me extra confidence to fuck her hard.
Hearing her moan was the best because her face was so sweet and innocent. She seemed like a different person in bed and I felt like she was loving every minute of it. It was a really intense feeling and I felt like I was going to cum really soon. So I asked her to get up and let me come in from behind.
Doggy style is the position where I feel the best. With one hand I could feel her breasts and with the other I could massage her clit. From behind we could still kiss and hold each other close.
I asked her how she was feeling, whether she liked what I was doing. At that point she was already like a tame cat and replied in a sexy voice: ""you're so hard, I love it.""
I used my hand to feel her plump little white ass. From behind feels so good... We switched to her on top to finish to let her control how she was feeling. I love that feeling of having a girl on top move how she wants and in a way which makes her feel best.
After we'd finished we slept for a while holding each other.
But my dick soon warmed up and we went for it again. Two times in one night really is tiring, which made me think I should look after myself and get ready for my next Just Dating date.

Just Dating helped me meet a sexy married woman
After paying for the first time, I set up a meeting with a sexy so and so.
I still remember that day, I originally just wanted to go to sleep, and was just casually taking a look on here. What happened? A 40 something year old sophisticated woman initiated a chat with me. As we were chatting, it seemed to me that she wasn't happy, so I invited her out for a few drinks.
I didn't think that would actually work, but it did.
After we met up, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. With a 165-49-34D body, she was so hot. She had aged well and looked like she was only 30 something.
Only after drinking a few bottles did she start to talk about why she was unhappy.
At first, it was because her husband had cheated on her and openly brought his mistress back to their house to fool around. As a result, he was discovered by his wife.
She had just been fighting with her husband, so she wanted to find someone to help cheer her up. We had a drink together and I gave her someone to lean on.
After we'd been drinking for a while, I saw that she was a little drunk, so I offered to take her home, although she refused. She said that she didn't want to go home, that she didn't want to see her husband and that she wanted me to take her to a hotel to rest.
In my heart I thought: this is my opportunity.
As soon as I took her to the hotel she started to kiss me. Soon we got into bed.
At this point I realized that I didn't have a johnny... I was thinking: what should I do? But then she just told me to go into her bareback. Bareback! Bareback! Bareback!
I had to say this three times as I feel like I really got something this time.
So I got straight to work.
That night, I finished inside her three times, and made her cum five times.
After we'd finished, she told me that her period had just been, but that if she ended up pregnant she'd be willing to have the kid because her and her husband hadn't had children yet.
That's what happened and she became my fuck buddy.
Still is.
So Just Dating really is a boy's heaven.