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reading:Me and my ex girl

Me and my ex girl

after couple of year I met her at club .she said hi and hug me and kissed .we start our coneverstion for few hours .in end of conversation she asked me to send her home .when reached home she invite me to had Coffe but it's night and I said not drink at this time she said "ow its ok I'll make dinner for you I met you after long time wanna had good time with you"lemme freshen my self .she took shower after couple of minutes she screamed and call me was shocked and scared I go her with scared and bit nervous .theres best she grab me and pull in to her bed ,she start at me instantly ,I hold her hand firmly against mine, I leaned over her pressing my lips softly against her,I pulled her even more closer by holding her waist with both my hands.i kept kissing her moving my lips against her and pulling the closet I can .she just surrendered herself to me,I broke the kiss .starrinf at her for while ,I pressed my forehead against her.feeling her hot and panting breath against my skin it felt perfect ,I whispered to her softly I love you all all I want is you she whispered back I love you too only tonight and held me more closer to her it felt surreal all I wanted was the time pause right at there .
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