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reading:Sex with cousins

Sex with cousins

One day she started talking sex with me in her room. I noticed my dick was getting larger and larger. Her curves were as sexy as ever. She said “My pussies getting wet” and she took off her top, her breasts dancing up and down. She then pulled down my pants, revealing my cock. She licked it up and down. When I took my shirt off, she laid on me, half naked, rubbing her breasts in my face. I licked them. With her rubbing my cock up and down and me licking her breasts, I thought nothing else could be better. Before I knew it we were kissing. She said “Take down my panties” and so I did, revealing her cute vagina.

I licked it like no tomorrow.

I started touching it with my hand, and soon almost my entire hand was in it. She started squirting. I rubbed my dick all over her mouth and her face. Soon, she was rubbing it with her breasts. I lay down, and she massaged my cock for the next few minutes. Then she spread her legs, allow my penis to pass into her pussy. We fucked for the next thirty minutes until I started to cum. She licked my cock, and then she asked me to lie down again. She then licked me all over, and kissed me romantically. Then my other cousin “accidentally” walked into the room.
At first she was quite bewildered. But then she got the hang of it and stripped down, me massaging her pussy. We had a lovely threesome for the next few hours until I noticed it was getting late.
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