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reading:The best sex I have

The best sex I have

Dare not Said I have lots of sex experience with difference race of girls, but somehow I think I have tried at least 10 different race of girls.

Friends who know me, always asking which are the best of the best. And you may not believe, it's misayah. Which mix with Malay and Philippines.

She may not have big boobs, but defenately she have a nice and firm butts. Which when u smash it, u can feel the bouncing on ur hands.

And the way she seduce me like she is so desperate to have sex, kissing me from neck to my dick, swollen The Whole dick and twisted with the tung, the mouth temperature are just warm enough to make my dick felt alive. And while she lick my dick round and round, accidentally touching the sensitive dick head, just make me felt so high.

Put our selve in 69 position, licking her pussy is like licking a soft warm ice cream, and she get wet so easily.

Switching position to touch and lick her tits, her groan are just like u are one of the AV star, the way she groan at ur ears are making me rushing to fuck her to satisfy her.

When we started with the post with I'm on top, when I put my dick thru her pussy, she hold my arms so hards, yet her face are showing satisfaction, when speed it up, her groan are just following the beats of banging her.

And when she is on top, is like ridding a wild horse, showing her hungry face and touching her own tits, she is just like a AV porn star who felt so enjoy, and she keep shaking, finding the right G-spot to get climix. And once she cum, she continue to serve me like a master, licking me again from neck, all the way down to my dick again.

And I didn't hold it long, I turn her around, and do the doggie style, the harder I bang her, the more bouncing of her ass, make me felt so high. And have to admit, she did know how to make sure I cum with satisfy, didn't allowed me to bang so fast, but each bang come with a climix feeling.

And when I tell her I almost cum, guess what, she pulled it out and lick my dick so hard just like I'm banging her from the back. Once I cum, she did not stop there, she continue to lick my dick and suck all my sperms with no miss. And she swollen it like tasting a yogurt.

And that feeling, it's so satisfy, and it's so unforgettable. Even it's happen few years ago, but every time when I think and imagine about it, it just like happen in yesterday.

Hope u enjoy this story, and it's a true story.
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