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Sneak peek

One day, I’m jogging around my living area... suddenly I saw my neighbor that are a very beautiful girl with big ass and big boobs coming home from work. Her room is just outside the main door so I can easily look in to her room.

So after she go in to her room, she just take everything off to get naked and she didn’t even close the window so I just saw her naked.

After that day, I sneak out at night to check her out see what she doing. And she brought back a guy to have sex with her. That’s the day that I’m very enjoying because they having sex with a lot of position, so sad I’m just can watch they fuck and masturbate myself outside of her window.

The day after that, I’m going to visit her house every single night to see what she doing. Some time she will just masturbate with a very cute moan that will make you wet 💦 her pussy is pink her nipple is pink her body is very nice and shaped ...fucking her will be a very good idea
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