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Meet N fuck

As a bigo host I've know many random people. One day one of my viewer asked me to meet her, So i did.

It was hot day, and we end up getting a brunch for a few minutes and continue our talk at her place. She lives alone btw.
She turned on the AC and we started talking until we ran out of topic.
After a while she took a shower and tell me to lay on her bed, cuz i was exhausted.

When she's back, she was wearing a crop-T and shorts. A bit stunned i got erected and tried to hide it. Turns out she found out that i was horny and start teasing me.

At first it was normal, she jokes about it and act like she "wants the D",Until she finally start touching me and rubbing her hand all over my body.
Confused of what's happening, i choose to let her do what she want.

But i didn't expect that she would actually touch my dick, and take my pants off. Honestly she said that she didn't expect that it would be big since I'm not buff.

I was blinded by my own lust, and started undressing her. Which turns out i wasn't the only one who's horny. Her underwear was already soaking wet, even her pussy is still wet.

So i start licker her and as you guys though, yeah we had sex.
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