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reading:The day when I’m high

The day when I’m high

Ok... it all start when me and my friends are drinking and smoking... so we dismiss around 3am so I went back home and try a sleep. Suddenly someone added me from wechat. It was a girl named Sa.

Sa is a slim tall model type of girl(lucky I’m taller), a Muslim (but quite open minded). So we chatted all the intros for a while and about 4.30am I ask her out. But since the place that we stayed is quite a small town, so by that time is actually no where else to go. We decided to went up to the hill top to chats and relax. We drove around 1hour to reach the hilltop, well we had a lil bit of naughty chat during the drive. We reach there about 5.30am and surprisingly, NOTHING happen besides normal talk. So after a while I tried to make a move, I trying to hug her, telling her that I’m cold(I gave her my jacket). But was being rejected. I was upset and after about 5 mins I requested to go back.

On the way back, I was trying harder to get her to fuck me and also because of she’s a Muslim. Talk is what just happen. So I drop her off in her dads place( which is a hotel ) and I went back.

So I text her while I reach home. Told her how much I would like to get her pussy, that how high she will be, and yes, she enjoyed. I ask can I just go to ur room and fuck u? She replied “you can fuck me, but not in my dads hotel” !! I’m like immediately hard to the max. So I reply just ok. I straight away drove my car to the nearest hotel and book a room. Then I call her, and u guys know what? She thought I’m just kidding and saying that we just met the first time. But I told her I already book that place(was about 7.30am) then I said to fetch her and let her sleep there so that I don’t waste the room.

After we reach the room. I was sweating a lot so I requested to shower before I go. She agreed and I take of my shirt and my jeans and only left with my underwear. Then I go in the shower. While I was shampooing my hair, I heard someone open the toilet door and I wash off the soup and see. It’s her naked and suddenly knee down and suck the hell out of my cock. Because I was fantasising fucking her for so long, I cum at her mouth after 5 mins of hardcore sucking. She shouted “cum more !!!!!” While my dick and cum is still in her mouth !! And yes I cum the hell out!!she swalo
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