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Celebrity face Girl

Get to know her via apps. Trust me..she is so beautiful like angel..the one that only happen in your fantasy. And..I m chatting with her. The chat is good.. slowly the chat direct to more wild topic. By the way she is conservative religion group, all well cover. During the chat, I just asked, do u want to come to my house..she said alright, n the best part is she take grab to come my house.. so..we at 1st just chatting at the sofa, n this time..she remove her hair cover, the combination of all features of her is unbelievable. Then..I wanted to touch her ..but dunno how to make the move..she look so pretty like angel that all previous trick seem useless. End up, I just straight ask her, could I kiss u..n she said yes ...n I immediately kiss her and touch her whole body.. n took off her clothes n everything. Is a very memorable nice "work out", but Just half way she say want go to pee. That slightly discount.. overall experience is good.
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