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First Time

Well, met this girl online, have a little chat, and then we agreed to see each other at an art museum. She's not that sexy but cute and a little nerdy. After we stroll around, we take a bit at Mcdonald. Then we went to a park and talk for hours there. My phone battery almost empty and there's no charging station around, so she asked if I want to charged at her place,why not right?

So while waiting, we talked again, but this time it's getting more personal and a bit naughty. She said that she fucked a lot in high school and collage, it's been a year since she plays around. It's my first time in this situation, so I ask if I could kiss her? She said "just kiss?" and I said "can I have more?" then se immediately pull and kissed me..

We kiss and grope for a while untill she take her clothes of leaving only her undies. I play with her, licking her body, playing with her vagina, then i take off her bra and panties while she takes off mine. Without any notice she pushed me and started riding on top of me.

We had sex, take a brek, sex again for about an hour while I cum 5 times. She doesn't want to came out because she's afraid to make the bed wet, lol. Si we decided on going to a hotel on another time.

This first online experience is my best experience so far..
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