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reading:Tourist request !

Tourist request !

I’m a tour guide in my small little town. One day I got a job which had to just transfer a couple to their luxury hotel. That trip took around one hour.
While on the trip, as usual I would propose the tours that I had and yes, they book for one day. Next day early 8am in the morning I receive a call by the couple which I had to pick up on 9am. She told me that her husband was not feeling well asking us to return the deposit. But I rejected. So the wife said to go for the tour alone.
As usual, I would bring her to normal tourist destination. But as soon as I pick her up. She ask me to go to a different hotel which one of her friend stayed. So we went there and I leave her at the lobby. 10minutes later she call and ask me to pick up her luggage from the room. As normal I thought her friend needed a transfer or what, but when I reach her room, after she open the door. She is half naked with her black color sexy lingerie asking that she need some advice from me. Well, for a guy like me in my mid 20s I straight away got a boner. And because of my attire, she notice and laugh at me. So I asked, “I thought you needed someone to carry luggage?, she replied “sorry, if I didn’t know any other excuses”, I replied by “okay, so what you really need”, she said “my husband is not feeling well, we suppose to have sex yesterday night but he couldn’t get hard due to medication.” Exited in my mind and replied “ and?” She said “how much if I want you to help me get rid oh my lust”. I said “for that 34D 23 36 body, I would kill my mom to fuck you”. She laugh and straight away kneel down to open my zip and put my average 7inch hard cock in her mouth ! She moaned with my cock in her mouth “mmmmm boy, you cock taste good” sucking my cock so hard like she’s waited decades to have sex. By not even 3 minutes of hard sucking, I cum directly without even get to hold. I quickly pull away my cock and saying sorry, but she refuse to let me pull away, grabing and sucking my cock even hard and said “I need this, cum more in my mouth” and after the last drop of cum from my balls came out. She release and swallowed it. After that, she said “go rest on that bed, I need to wash my mouth.” I froze and just look at her. She walk away but smiling towards me while taking off her sexy lingerie.
While she in the toilet washing her mouth, suddenly there’s a knock on the door. In my mind I assume is her husband and I quickly run inside the cupboard to hide.
I can hear she open the door but I did not heard what they saying. And then, she open my cupboard, it was her other girl friend ! Both naked in front of me now....

To be continue....
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