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reading:Lucky day

Lucky day

A good deed on a wet day leads to a horny reward...

Bus stops can be miserable places, no one talks to each other and in the rain it's worse.

Travelling to and from work I got to know a few faces and had attempted to engage one or two in conversation but to no avail.

One evening it was pissing down, cold and very windy when I spotted a familiar face, a woman perhaps in her mid to late 40s trying to get to the bus stop with a mass of shopping bags.

"Would you like a hand with those?"

She looked a little shocked "Oh yes please I think my fingers are going to drop off" she replied

I took half the bags from her.

By now I was soaked, my jeans were sticking to my legs and the wind had pulled my hood off and my hair was plastered flat. Looking at her she was much the same, her long dark hair was running with rain water.

We said little as we walked but when we reached the stop she thanked me.

"That's OK, you get off at the same stop as I do, so if you need a hand getting them home I'd be happy to oblige"

"I think I'll take you up on that, I'm Debbie" she smiled and her round face lit up.

"I'm Paul" I replied just as the bus rounded the corner.

We were the only ones at the stop, but so as the doors opened I said "Ladies first"

"Not been called a lady for a while!" another smile and a giggle.

We paid and found seats, I sat behind her with the bags next to me.

"Shopping for a month?" I asked

"No only 2 are mine the rest are for my elderly neighbours"

"That's so thoughtful, not many people would do that" I smiled at her.

She twisted in her seat and looked at me "You think so?" she asked.

"I do" I gave her my best smile.

She peered at me" Can I ask how old you are? "

" 23 next month "

" Really! you have the attitude of someone older"

"I blame my parents for that, both of them are old fashioned."I replied.

" Believe me that's not a fault, cherish it and them"

The bus got to our stop so we gathered the bags between us and got off "Thank you" I said to the driver, Debbie glanced over her shoulder at me.

As the bus pulled away she asked "Do you always thank the driver?"

"If someone does a job well the should be shown some appreciation, after all he got us here in one piece" I replied.

"Never thought of it like that"

We walked around the corner and up the street.

"Here we are, This is my place"

"I'll put the bags down inside for you, OK?"

"No come in, at least let me make you a tea or coffee!"

"You sure? I'll be dripping all over the place"

"That's not a problem, I'll be doing the same"

We walked into the kitchen and put the bags down "hang your coat over the chair" she pointed to one, I peeled my coat reveling soaking shoulders.

"Your soaked through, let me get you a towel"

She came back in with two large bath towels, she had taken her coat off and was just as wet, her clothes clinging to a nice figure, "Your soaking as well" I pointed out, she tossed a towel at me and I buried my head in it to dry my hair a little.

I was stunned when I stopped, she had removed her top and bra and was drying her hair, I just stood looking at her, her tits were bouncing up and down as she rubbed at her hair, they were large and dropped a little with large dark nipples, she glanced at me and smiled, I'm in here I thought so I peeled my top off and dried my shoulders and chest.

She was still drying her hair and her nipples had grown hard "Would you like your back dried?" I asked hopeful.

"That would be nice" she said turning her back to me, by now my cock was rock hard. I moved her hair to one side making sure my hand touched her bare skin, as it did goosebumps formed on her shoulders, I used my towel slowly on her upper back and moved down towards her waist.

I could see her reflected in a mirror across the kitchen her mouth open and her eyes shut but her face was pure ecstasy.

I hooked my thumbs in the elasticated waistband of her skirt and slid it down, and rubbing her plump legs I was looking at her large ass through her bright pink knickers, so far we had said nothing, I stood and turned her by her shoulders and started to towel her, shoulders first then down to her tits, she let out a little moan as I cupped each of them through the towel then I moved on to her stomach and down to her legs, as I started she parted them so I glanced up, her mound was directly in front of me and I could see her dark black pussy hairs and smell her.

I reached up and slowly pulled her knickers down and she stepped out of them, she then reached down and pulled me up planting her lips on mine I undid my jeans and peeled them off, as I stood again she found my lips and pulled me against her she let out a gasp as my rock hard cock touched her.

I bent and took one of her nipples in my mouth and sucked hard, I backed her towards the kitchen table and when the back of her legs touched it she turned around and bent over it.

In seconds my cock was in my hand as I searched for her opening, finding her warm wet pussy I slid in and started to fuck her, I started slowly pulling out as far as I could then slamming into her with a slap as my hips hit her arse, back out and slam.

My pace increased, still pulling out as far as I could, after about a minute of this she let out a strange noise and a low groan, she'd cum!

I increased my pace as she lifted herself on her hands and started to push back, I could feel the warm feeling in my balls as I built up to orgasam "I'm coming do you want me to pull out"

"Oh no I want you to fill me"

I was pounding into her and could feel her tighten around me, it was too much for me, pushing into her I let out a loud grunt, again and again I slammed into her grunting each time as I spurted more of my cum inside her.

We stayed in that position with my cock inside her, throbs from my cock and her pussy clamped around me.

As I softened she said "You better clean up, my husband will be home in about half an hour"

I pulled out of her and she told me where the bathroom was.

I got dressed in the kitchen with her watching.

I walked over to her, and kissed her on the lips and said " If you ever need a hand with your shopping...."

"Don't worry, I know when you take the bus and if I ever sit next to you, just follow me home"

With that I pulled my wet coat on, and she walked me to the door, as I exited I turned to her she looked over my shoulder.

"Thank you for helping me, I don't think I could have carried them any further" she said

I turned to go "That's my pleasure, it's something I'd do for any one"

A short, plump man with red hair was standing there.

"Hello Rob" she said "This young lad just helped me get the shopping home"

"That's good of you"

"Any time, bye" I walked down the path and gave a little wave, hopeful for a repeat very soon.
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