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reading:My first time

My first time

At first, I was very shy and all. But when I met my first girl friend, she was half Thai actually. Kinda chubby and kinda cute it was an amazing experience.

So it all started like this. We were at my room and we were chatting about our lives and stuff like that, and she started talking about sex and stuff. And I was like “damn girl, u really wanna fuck?” And she said “yeah, let’s do it”. And so I went out to buy a pack of condoms and we got back to my room feeling excited. We started making out, her tongue and mine tumbling in each other’s mouth and then I started licking her nipples and rubbing her pussy. It was all wet and dripping with cum already. And I put on a condom and I started with the missionary position. She was so tight that I can feel it pressuring on my dick, I fucked her so hard. Man I couldn’t even stop! And then she was on top of me, grinding my dick at a very fast but comfortable way and I was feasting on her boobs.

So about after an hour, I was ready to cum. I took off my condom and I shoot it all over her face.

That was my first, and now we broke up and parted ways.
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