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reading:2p-3p Dying exp

2p-3p Dying exp

Last saturday night go for my guy fren wedding dinner meet a ‘gangster’ style girl with rose tattoo at her back. The bride introduce her to me and we have a chat during the dinner and exchange num. after that night we have some more drink and dinner together.
Finally 1 day afternoon, she said she want to introduce me to her frens. I fetch her to a ‘place’ and go in the selected room. Damn, there are bunch of ‘ladies’ inside the room nearly naked, all the guys are hugging a few girl and somemore are doing ‘the job’ d. I was told that I have book by few ladies (my fren) at the bar there. They give me a drink and want me to go to sauna with them. Omg during sauna, all the girl goes naked and jump into me and ask me to fun with them.
They take off my underwear and one suck my little bro another kissing me and one asking me to finger her pussy. I fell hot and high maybe due to the drink lost control and start banging on the rose lady in her ass and other two lady were playing with each other waiting for their turn for my big bro.
After a few blast finally bang out 3 girls and dress up and go home. Some of the weekend now, some of the lady will still come to my home and ask for my service. However I won’t get any drinks from the club again next time. Nearly die for the experience
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