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reading:Sch Mate

Sch Mate

I I’m sure every one will crush on a high sch mate.

So do I, she was top student in my sch. She was nominate for sch to attend lots of competition, including speech competition.

Every Monday, she will be on stage of giving speech for practice. Every time saw her, imagine she was naked and giving speech.

During sch time don’t have chance talk to her, after graduate, she moved to KL for study and work.

After few years, she was back to home town to work due to family issues. Accidentally meet her on an event which need to work with her.

Start to get in touch, but too bad get to know she already have a bf.

One night, after the event end, we all went for beer for celebration. Guess she was drunk, keep talking to me. After end, I send her back to her house, but she refuse to get down. Saying want to have another ride.

So I brought her to some where near my house, and when I stop my car, she straight kiss me.

End up, we have sex in the car, not even have chance to drop by any hotel.

But guess what, we have keep continue this relationship even after she get marry.
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