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reading:WHen I was new

WHen I was new

I am very happy to report to all brothers here that I have successfully hooked up with a Filipino from a chat app last week. I matched with her about 2 weeks ago and after some pleasantries for the first 1 -2 days, asked if she wanted to have lunch. Surprisingly she say yes and asked if I’m free that day! Told her I wasn’t and say we meet on Friday instead. Come Friday chatted with her thru the platform still to try and set up the lunch date. It was her turn to be busy pula. However, all is not lost, as I managed to get her HP no and told her we’ll meet on Saturday instead, as my wife will be taking the children balik kampung for the Merdeka wkend.

Saturday late morning whatsapp her to set the lunch date. She replied work till 4pm. I suggested we meet up for dinner instead and she agreed. Reached her apartment at 6pm sharp. Told her I’ve arrived and waited eagerly in the car. 5 mins later saw a brown / blondish hair milf walking towards my car. I was like “YEAH MAN!!!” in my heart while keeping a gentlemanly external posture at the same time!

Told her to take me somewhere as not familiar with the area and ended up in a chinese restaurant. I ordered my dinner and she said she’s on a diet ( typical woman ) and just wanted orange juice. Chatted thru dinner and found out that she has 3 grown daughters back home and her husband passed away long time ago. While talking she was getting quite touchy and I was getting a hard on!! Fast fast finish the dinner and while walking back to my car, I put my hand around her and she didn’t push it away. Got into the car and ask her to take me anywhere she wants to go. Stared driving and all of a sudden she pointed to an empty slot and said: “park here!!”. Parked the car and when I looked up, saw that we actually parked right in front of a budget hotel!! She pulled my hand and lead me up the stairs.

The rest is quite standard in that we started with missionary and ended with cow girl when she grind me with real expert motion till I surrender.
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