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reading:Beware of agents

Beware of agents


I met Ken back in January, we both going to the same gym in subang jaya. After a few time seeing him in the sauna room, naturally we became gym friend. He taught me correct ways to lift weigh, breathing, right posture and most efficient way to work the muscle.
Ken, 36, is a property agent, a mid built, quite good looking beach boy type. Married 3 years ago and his wife is working in a software company doing IT for banks and expected to deliver their first baby in late September. Surely a sweet talker too. While I am working with property developer in marketing, I think that’s why we can become friends quite easily.
Last week while we were having our usual sauna cooking time, he talked about the date he hooked up with JD, a divorced building material sales lady called Alice. He talked about how he had got to sleep with her after the first date, flirting me with the details of her body and her hungry animal side while in bed.
Being sceptical, I told him stop shooting air. Felling disdained as if I have poked his show off mood, he went on to taruh me that if he date Alice out again, he will bring me along and I have to pay the bill. Partly being kuailan and part curious, I accepted his challenge.
I got him to show me the photo of her and their texting in JD to make sure he brings the right Alice rather than simply get his friend to cheat me.
The dating place is a bar house in subang jaya, we arrived first. Ken told me Alice will be late as she has to finish her paper works, she just came back from Holland for manufacturer plant visit and jalan jalan trip. Ken asked me to play his client whose property has been rented out by Ken.
Alice came around 8, that was after we finished our third mugs of beer. In her tight dark grey knee length pencil skirt, white sleeveless top and a royal blue Longchamp tote.
She is 32, I guess about 160cm, standard asian white, slender body, long legs and pony tail. Not the kind you turn head with mouth open but surely a witty type. She reminds me of the young OL next door whom I always dream to be able to squeeze tightly together in the crowded lift. Haha.
She is very verbal and friendy, within 10 minutes, we chat like friends since school days. She ordered lamb chop and hoegaarden. She is from penang and went study in australia now staying in sunway area. Alice showed us the picture of the tulips sea, all sort of colors and different types, and the Holland windmills too lo, sharing the food she took and how tasty the beer there. Both Ken and Alice behaved very intimately like couples, holding hands, sit tight tight and sharing food. I nearly think this is our classmate gathering day…
My phone rang, 9.20, my mum called to remind me to go buy some mineral drinking water for water outage this week.
I called the waiter and paid the bill, they both thanked me before we leave. Ken through me a smile, a winner grin and a devilishly one… bugger!
WAIT, so what this has to do with property ownerjQuery171045353530451661794_1555990796889 Or I have lari topic?
Earlier today, Ken told me his wife is on night shift today due to the upgrade of the software thingy, he is planning to spend the night with Alice in one of the new Axxxx service apartment in kelana jaya that he has managed to rent out for his client to a Korean last week, the owner has pass him full set of keys and the unit is fully furnished. The Korean tenant is in Singapore now and can only taking keys next week, a bed-warming party he called it.
Agent benefits, he claimed proudly. Poor Korean guy, I think.
He said this is not his first time bringing company to client’s unit, he tried in several apartments in ara damansara area but he prefers the mix project like the one with office, shopping mall and apartment together. More entry points and lesser chance of getting questioned by the security wor.
So property owners, beware lo
I think the bugger is rolling on the brand new master bed of that poor Korean now. Ken sapu everything, the bugger got me paid for his date, the Korean sponsoring his hotel and of course happy hour with Alice or even other bang friends he hooked on JD.
And I am writing this damn post, mother fucker!!

I tried to post this last night, due to connection issue, the first post might not get thru, this is repost one
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