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reading:First experience SEX

First experience SEX

I am using this app from advertising, and I feel a little weird that really can meet someone that having sex with me, so I download this app immediately and use it, just only using this app about 3 days a lot of girls start to chat with me and want to see me, I accept a girl live at Selangor and we start our sex story, I invite her to my house for dinner but I can't expect that she accepts it so fast, I feel that she is quite horny and dry too. When she arrives at my house, I lead her to my bedroom for dinner. When she arrive at my bedroom, she asked me what did she looks pretty ,I answered her as I looked him in her eyes because her face is right next to mine. She began to kiss me, rolled her body back on top of me, yet she did not put her weight on me. She started kissing my ear and stuck her tongue into my ear. My neck was next and he bites slightly so I did not have to tell her to not put marks on me. She made sure she did not miss the other ear. I had never felt anything like that so I was getting hot but all I can think is, I hope she doesn’t mess this up by trying to go down on me again. I do not want to be tickled.

She moved down to my breast and my dick got so hard. I began to pull on the covers to cover my body so she won’t go down on me. She noticed it so she moved to the side of me again. She rubbed her hand across my face and slide her hand down my body slowly to move the cover I had pulled over me. She looked at my body as she did so. And then I start to touch her boobs and lick her nipple with my tongue than I bite her nipple she scream like hell. I love that sound, I continue to do a lot of touching works and licking work from her pussy until her neck, that I feel quite tired on it, so is her turn now, for the reward that I hard working, she blowjob for me and eat my balls with everything, that moment I feel like I am going to heaven, so both of us we keep on doing until midnight then we rest together and hug together and sleep together until the next day. A big thanks to JD apps giving me a big experience about SEX, is a reliable apps that let you find your partner.

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