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reading:My best Teacher..

My best Teacher..

It just clicked here on JD, a small chat then I left my mob. No. And almost forgot.. one morning got a call from unknown, this how it all started, she's a teacher, separated from early marriage with a daughter, after a month time she was at my place, my patience paid me well. My keeping cool at all times no hurry, soft touch on earlobes then a message proceeded to full body massage and finally a long long time hungry lioness was there on me, I was drained twice.. now my teacher visit twice a month to my place and me Spl tuition of Life. Guys no one know about Destiny, just keep cool keep in touch and never be eager to anything, let ur date make a move, a female always look for Care, Secrecy and Compassion before Sex.. Win her Trust and get the Gold..
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