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reading:Overseas Study Life

Overseas Study Life

When I study abroad in Sydney. I met a friend from my hometown who was same age with me.

We were not close before. But after bump into her at Sydney, we almost Skype every night. We talk, we accompany each others, and then we started to flirt each others. Then we started sexting. She send me her OOTD. Then sometimes she purposely would send me pictures of bra she tried at shop.

Then she started to fulfill my sexual needs through Skype. She would do everything according to my order such as playing with her nipples, fingering herself, sexy dance. And what I need to do is just be her master and masturbate myself and show her through Skype.

There’s one time when we study for exam at her library. She sit nearer to me and then cover her legs with jacket, and I put my hand in her dress and rub around her sensitive part. Later on, I can feel her underwear at that area became very wet. (PS: we are not alone in library)

After that she follow me to my place. She gave me oral sex. And then I rub her pussy with my man stick. She was so wet and her fluids keep flow out. But refused to let me in. (She said she’s still Virgin but I heard from others that she’s not)
At the end, I still manage to get in.

After this 1st sex. We almost had sex every time we met. She will purposely slot time to meet up with me even she’s busy. And we still continue Skype session and she’s keep send me her “ootd” until we left Sydney.

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