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reading:Affair is awesome!

Affair is awesome!

Just got to know a girl in jd not long ago. She looks absolutely normal and I thought she wouldn't wanna go for a date in the bed. After a few trials of flirting, she acted totally differently. She's so wild and dry for love. So we dated out and met in the hotel room. It was so exciting as I already have a stable gf. When we met, we just briefly introduced ourselves and started making out right then. We did lots of "awkward" positions. Damn, she's really a good sex partner. We had 3 rounds of sex that night and made her so tired, me as well too. It was a bloody fun night. But i had to get home already because it was quite late as my gf was waiting for me at home. Was a f*king nice experience and can't wait to have more experiences like this. Good apps jd! Thanks for giving me such opportunities to have had a wonderful night.
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