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My Digital Hook

So its a first time i used a dating app. and i got a match from it. actually it doesnt a match, she attach her contact info in it and i added it through chatting apps. so i chat her at first, talking about random and fancy thing. we get along, but we dont date. we already that deep, she sent me nudes and i got turned on. she told me that she owns her body, so she can lend it to every man deserves.

so we managed to spend a whole night together, i dont ever think to fuck her. i only think for a kiss or a cuddle. so we rent a daily rooms, and then we start to watch some movies on her laptop. firstly, we watched the movies well. she leans on my shoulder and keep watching. Until then, something pulls me to do a kiss. yes, we're kissing. we do a hot kiss, playing tongue and flewing that saliva one and other. we do it for long. she asks for the next, but i keep it. "no, just enjoy this". and guess what? she goes wilder. she licks my neck and ears. all wet at that time.

then, we go to the next part boobs sucking. she got 36D. imagine how big it is. yeah she's a bit bbw. but curvy enough to be fucked. i suck it deep. she got wet at the moment. i played her clit and she feels it good. and she asks for a blowjob. "may i?" she asks, "sure" i replied. she did it like a pro. her tongue plays my head well. up and downs, her mouth massaged my dick well. i'm almost cummin but i still can hold it for the best part.

then she asks for a doggy. i give her my best, it feels good on my cock, her pussy is fluffy and wet. my dick is about 15 cm of length and 3 cm of diameters. and its a good one for a pussy i think. so after a doggy, she turns for a missionary, "aah baby, u got me, fuck me harder" she said. i make it harder and her pussy is getting tight. i know she'll gonna cum. and yes, a little bit after it she said "baby, i'm about to cum...aaahhh yeaaasss i'm cumminggg" and i feel wet inside. she got her orgasm

after a few moments i tried to get my cum. i keep drilling with missionary, and she still roaring for goods. it feels wet and fluffy at the same time, i feel something wanna out from my dick "baby, cum it inside me" she begs for. but i dont want to, i wanna cum on her face. "yes baby, i'm cummingg...ooohh" i pulled out and i splattered my cum on her face.

it was a crazy night and i thank for a Digital Hook Up Apps for nowadays. i hope i can find it here on Just Dating....


Anto, 23, Bekasi , Indonesia
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