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reading:Just Dating helped me meet a sexy married woman

Just Dating helped me meet a sexy married woman

After paying for the first time, I set up a meeting with a sexy so and so.
I still remember that day, I originally just wanted to go to sleep, and was just casually taking a look on here. What happened? A 40 something year old sophisticated woman initiated a chat with me. As we were chatting, it seemed to me that she wasn't happy, so I invited her out for a few drinks.
I didn't think that would actually work, but it did.
After we met up, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. With a 165-49-34D body, she was so hot. She had aged well and looked like she was only 30 something.
Only after drinking a few bottles did she start to talk about why she was unhappy.
At first, it was because her husband had cheated on her and openly brought his mistress back to their house to fool around. As a result, he was discovered by his wife.
She had just been fighting with her husband, so she wanted to find someone to help cheer her up. We had a drink together and I gave her someone to lean on.
After we'd been drinking for a while, I saw that she was a little drunk, so I offered to take her home, although she refused. She said that she didn't want to go home, that she didn't want to see her husband and that she wanted me to take her to a hotel to rest.
In my heart I thought: this is my opportunity.
As soon as I took her to the hotel she started to kiss me. Soon we got into bed.
At this point I realized that I didn't have a johnny... I was thinking: what should I do? But then she just told me to go into her bareback. Bareback! Bareback! Bareback!
I had to say this three times as I feel like I really got something this time.
So I got straight to work.
That night, I finished inside her three times, and made her cum five times.
After we'd finished, she told me that her period had just been, but that if she ended up pregnant she'd be willing to have the kid because her and her husband hadn't had children yet.
That's what happened and she became my fuck buddy.
Still is.
So Just Dating really is a boy's heaven.
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