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reading:Just Dating helps me get laid

Just Dating helps me get laid

One time when I opened up Just Dating during the day I got talking to a girl with the handle 'Mian girl'. We were talking about what we were going to have for dinner when I jokingly said: 'If you're not sure why don't you come and eat me?' She replied: 'Alright, I'll have you this evening.'
In turns out that night we ended having 'dinner' together.

A couple of days later...

The next time I went looking for action was super quick and easy. It was nearly midnight and I was on my bed just playing on my phone when a message came through: 'Hey'. I replied politely and after quick introductions we soon got talking saucy. 'Not having you at my side I just can't sleep, let's do something naughty.' She replied: 'You want me with you, come on out then.' After that we quickly arranged a place and time and got to the nearest motel despite it being 2am in the morning.
Let's just say her sexy body kept me going till morning...

A few days later...

The next time I really met the girl of my dreams. Her body was so hot and irresistible. We'd been talking for quite a while and finally set up a time to meet. As soon as I saw her I got so hard and excited. We went into the room and I held her from behind and she turned around, smiled, and then we started kissing. I started getting my hands around her tits and then realized she had no bra on. I got my hands working on her nipples and my lips on her ears and neck and that's when and she started to groan. We fell into bed and I had a feel of her already wet panties as we continued to kiss. She helped me get my pants off and then she was giving me a deep throat blow job, kissing my balls while she was at it. At this point I was so hard I couldn't stop myself. She lay down and spread her legs and her pussy was just begging me to come in. I slowly worked my member in and soon her pussy was full of my throbbing dick. I stopped for a second and then held up her hips and started to really go for it, pushing my dick in deeply on every thrust. Her groaning filled the room and we started to slowly increase speed until we both finished together. There was so much hot juice coming out of her pussy I could feel it through the protection.
Who'd have thought Just Dating would help me get rid of ten rubbers within a week. It looks like I might need a rest...
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