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reading:Meeting the girl of my dreams

Meeting the girl of my dreams

I vaguely remember the day. I was searching for my nightly prey as usual and just as I thought Just Dating wouldn't come up with the goods, I struck lucky.
Hearing my phone vibrate I got out of bed and saw straight away that she was my type. Eyes that could smile, long legs, sweet face, a little bit of timber on her body. Most importantly, she had a pair of lovely big tits, which from first look seemed like they must be at least an E. This all got me super excited.
I told myself, I can't let this kind of high level pussy get away, so I sent a probing message of 'Hey, this late and you're still not in bed' to get us talking.
I soon found out that she had a boyfriend but that she wasn't satisfied and didn't find her boyfriend sexy. They had sex but she said it was too dry, so she'd been searching for some comfort, though she hadn't yet set anything up with anyone else.
We spent a few days chatting, me slowly trying to work into her heart and help her get over any moral dilemmas she was having. Finally, we set up a date.
When we met I saw that she really was sex on legs. A shy smile, eyes that could talk, and those tits which sent me wild, so much so I almost did her by the side of the road. We made it into the motel though.
I was a little nervous and unsure what to say when we got there. We soon got talking though and when I saw her smile I knew I was in there. Then she went for a shower and promised me not to peek. I smiled and duly agreed.
It was a beautiful sight when she walked out. She'd changed into a dressing gown and knowing what was hiding beneath just made her even more irresistable. She shyly asked 'How do I look?' and I replied with a passionate kiss.
I carried her onto the bed and started kissing her all over. She was a little shy at first and wasn't that willing to kiss back. But I didn't care how hard I'd have to work, I just wanted to show this girl that there was no rush. I searched her body for her sensitive spots, working from her ears to her neck to those tits. Turns out her nipples were really sensitive and I started to use my tongue to draw little circles on the tips of her nipples to tease her. I'd hit the spot and she ended up pulling my head onto her tits to make me give her more. 'That's how I like it', she said. Then I started really going for it with my tongue and her moans were getting sweeter and sweeter. After finishing with her tits I started to move down her body, moving from her back to her belly button, first skirting around her area and then moving slowly back up via her legs. When I got to her panties I knew I she'd given in to me. Her panties were soaked with juice and I could see the smear where her pussy was. Seeing her pussy so wet I smiled and said, 'you're so wet'. She smiled back and said, 'I want you'.
She pulled off her her panties and fuck me, her pussy was so hot. Her pussy lips were just right, not too big and not too small, and her clit was the perfect shape. Looking at the cream coming out of there I wasted no time and started going down on her. The moan she let out when I started on her pussy was so hot. I licked her pussy up and down and put my tongue in there. Then I gave her my fingers, first one, then two. Her moaning just kept getting more intense and she pushed my head down onto her pussy and said: 'fucking give me more, lick my clit'.
I started on her clit and got my hands involved too, using one to finger her and the other to tease her nipples. I increased the speed and when I saw her pussy squirt I knew she'd orgasmed and it was so sexy to see her body shake at the same time.
At this point I thought she might want a rest, but as I went to grab my smokes and my phone she started kissing me like crazy, first on my neck and ears, then down to my nipples and then down to my dick. She said to me: 'it's your turn for some fun'. Her technique was fucking amazing. First, she started licking my bell end then she started teasing my balls with her tongue. Then she started giving me a full on deep throat blowjob and fuck me, she knew what she doing, sucking on my nob and everything, it felt as good as when I jerk myself off. I nearly came a few times and then she started teasing my balls again. The whole experience just blew me away and I was ready for more.
Then she got on top and started fucking me like crazy, grabbing my hands to start feeling her tits again. Then she climbed off, bent over and said: 'get your dick in here, now'. I didn't hesitate and started humping her from behind, giving her more and more with every thrust. In half an hour we swapped positions several times and then she orgasmed again. After that, she said: 'I'm too sensitive now, you'll have to stop. I still hadn't finished so she gave me another blow job to finish off the perfect fuck.
Since then we've been meeting up every week...
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