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reading:Just Dating helps chase away that lonely feeling

Just Dating helps chase away that lonely feeling

In the beginning I was using Just Dating for a bit of comfort. I'd already flicked through a few hot girls when I got talking to a 23 year old grad student. We talked for a bit and then met up to go watch a movie. When we met up it was a little awkward, but her being a lot cuter than her picture made up for it, and whilst watching the movie we gave each other a few knowing glances.
After we'd had something to eat it's like we both knew what was going to happen.
We took a ride to a local motel and when we got to the room I was already really hot for her. As soon as we closed the door I had her up against the wall. Hearing her moan sent me even more crazy and then I soon got my fingers in her pussy. Let's just say we decided to swap numbers after a night neither of us would forget.
After that we met up another two or three times before she found another guy. But I just want to say that without Just Dating I wouldn't have had this experience to meet such a hot girl.
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