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reading:It's sooooo easy to get a hook up on Just Dating

It's sooooo easy to get a hook up on Just Dating

Only a week after registering I got to know a girl. We talked for a bit and then soon decided to meet up.
I asked where she wanted to go and she said she wasn't too fussed and she'd leave it up to me.
'Really, up to me?' I asked her.
'Yeah, that's what I said. If you dare'.
We met up on a Sunday and soon made our way to a motel. As soon as we got to the motel we got to it. First I held her from behind and started to tease her, then our lips met and we started kissing. After that she gave me a blowjob with me leaning on the bathtub and her skills were amazing. Then I got her to hold onto the towel rail whilst I came at her from behind doggy style. Her legs soon turned to jelly with me coming from behind so we got into bed for some more action. It was whilst we were doing it missionary with me holding her D size tits that we came together. When she orgasmed her legs squeezed up against my dick inside her and I pumped her pussy full of my cream. I haven't spunked inside a girl for a while and I'd forgotten how good a feeling it was. After fucking we held each other for a while and then took a shower together.
Needless to say we kept in touch and she still asks me to go out with her sometimes or to go round to her place for more.
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