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reading:A Just Dating hook up novice

A Just Dating hook up novice

When I first started using Just Dating, I guess I was like everyone else when they first start and had a nervous but excited feeling.
But I guess I just got lucky, cause after being online for about a week someone added me on whatsapp and I asked them if they wanted to meet up. It didn't work out that time because she had to go abroad on business, but we got talking on the Line messaging app.
We soon got to know each other a bit more and saw eachother's profile pictures. Turned out she gave me a 9.5 out of ten cause she said I looked cute and because I looked a bit like a native guy. Not sure I agree because I'm not that good looking! But I thanked her anyway.
Finally, we got to meet up on the night before Valentine's Day. I was really nervous before our date, this being my first experience with a hook up and all. Even if you get to know someone well by chatting online, it doesn't always work out when you meet them in person, right? A word of advice to other guys out there: when someone adds you, don't let your sperm get to your head and ask them out for a fuck straight away. You're only going to scare them away. I recommend you just go in with the same kind of attitude you would when meeting someone you want to be friends with. This way you won't make them feel uncomfortable and it'll be easier to keep the relationship going. In my opinion, you need to show them you care first. Anyway, enough of my advice. The important thing is, she agreed to meet up!

Let's cut to the chase...

The day we met up we'd arranged to meet outside the metro station. It's hard to describe my feeling when I went to meet her because I really had no experience in this kind of thing. Even though I'd had a little bit of experience with her online, this felt like I was taking it to the next level. She was a considerate woman with a straightforward, straight talking personality. Although on looks she wasn't really my type, but I told myself this kind of experience doesn't come up often. The day we met up she was dressed in black and I really liked her style. I payed attention to what she was wearing cause that's the kind of thing I like in a woman.
We went on to a motel and tried my best to use conversation to relax the mood. We watched a movie for a while until it was time to go to sleep. We put the lights out and I noticed that she'd taken off her bra. I knew this was my sign.
So I went in for the kiss and started feeling her tits. Her tits were really big and soft, they must have been Fs. I moved onto her ears, then down to her neck and then back to her ears. I could feel her body getting hotter and as I moved my lips onto her breasts she let out a moan. After kissing for a while I got my hand down there. The sexy G-string she was wearing got me really hot for her. Then I started moving my finger towards her clit and I realised she was already really wet. I pulled my finger out for a second and saw it was already covered in her cream.
After giving her a little bit more I asked her what she wanted me to do next. I'm the type of guy who wants to satisfy a girl and, when we were chatting on Line, I'd got the impression that she was quite modest. She'd asked me before whether or not I'd go down on a girl and I'd said I would but that first I'd need to get to know the girl's sexual history to know she wasn't carrying anything. After all, making sure everyone's safe should be everyone's first rule. Through talking I'd learned that she'd only been with one other guy and it been three or four years since they were together.
So I asked her if she wanted me to go down her and she said yes. I gave her the full works and she told how good it made her feel and how me asking her beforehand helped her relax. After that she started feeling my member and telling how much she'd been looking forward to seeing how big he was.
Then she asked me to come into her. I wanted to make sure she was was wet enough before putting my dick in. I know that girls who haven't had sex in a while will be a little tight and will need to take it slowly when they start up again. So I'd extended our time doing foreplay on purpose to make sure she was ready and I wanted to wait for her signal before putting him in.
After a while though, she said she was a little bit uncomfortable and so we changed positions. Changing positions got her going and she started saying how hard I was and asking me to go in deeper. Listening to this I could barely stop myself from coming. We carried on like that for 10 or more minutes and then I started doing her from behind. She'd said that she had more feeling in this position, so I didn't want to disappoint her. But it being my first hook up, I was still quite nervous and my member suddenly went soft. She was really nice and considerate about it though, and said she knew why I was nervous. After trying to get him going again for a bit we decided to call it a day and went for a shower.
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