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reading:A matchmaking app that's worth it

A matchmaking app that's worth it

I hadn't had a fuck for a while and whilst I'd considering visiting a whore, I didn't really feel like it. Of course they probably give you a great service (or maybe they don't?) and I'm sure they've got the skills, but it'd be hard escaping the feeling that they're just acting.
To put it simply, I felt like organizing my own hookup would make me feel better about it all. One of my ex-colleagues was a bit of an old hand with this kind of thing and was always recommending different match making apps for me to try. I'd tried a fair few and had some luck with using Pairs. But I'd soon stopped using that app because of too many adverts and because of all the fake accounts on there. When I was bored I saw on a message board that Just Dating was worth a shot. I'd also heard that because you had to pay to get online it kept down the number of adverts and stopped people from making fake accounts. Another thing which appealed to me is that you can adjust the security settings on who can access your pictures. Anyway, saving up a bit of cigarette money would soon give me enough for a month's membership.
For the first few days after I logged on I had a look to see if there were any potential targets in the local area and then I started to strike up conversation with a few girls, though of course it takes a little more work than that. After a couple of weeks of hunting I settled on a leggy 27 year old. At the beginning I was just thinking: she's tall, that's my type. Then we got talking and I cracked a few jokes. I soon realized that she wasn't afraid of moving on to some more saucy topics and we slowly started talking about when we were going to meet up.
At first we'd said we'd just meet up for a meal and then a movie. Who'd have known that we'd head off to get things started straight after dinner.
After checking in, we started to explore each others bodies. She'd said before that she had loads of experience but she was really quite shy. When she took off her clothes it was a view to be had and I was like an wild animal going after her that night.
We still meet up when we can. Of course, I've also got other girls on the go through Just Dating...
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