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reading:A story in Malacca ☺️

A story in Malacca ☺️

I got job as an official photographer for Hari Muzium Antarabangsa at Melaka. Lucky, i know a beautiful girl who do grab car after she has been divorce about single years ago.

One day, she came to my homestay early in the morning as usual to pick me and take me to auditorium seri negeri. Bcoz of oversleep and still not ready I ask her to wait me in the house so that i can take bath and prepare myself for a while. I can see that she is looking at my cock when im out from the bathroom.

In the evening, after she sent me back to my homestay, i ask her to stay for a while so that we can have a shot photoshoot session. She agree and i start to praise her tits and body. She look quiet shy. I ask her if i can touch her tits but she just answer me a silent. Then, i slow touch her tits. She keep silent without decline my action. So, i start to play with her c cup tits. I told her that she can touch my dick if she want but she keep silent and put her face away from me.

I take out my dick and take her hand put at my dick. At first she took back her hand but i quickly take back the hand and make her hold my cock. She start looking to my cock and start to lick my dick. I decide to not taking a lot of time. We start undress our cloths and go having sex in the bedroom.

I told you, her pussy not really tight but the pussy so wet and she sure know how to fuck me until she force me to cum inside her vegina two times. Because of too tired, i felt asleep and i dont know when she going back gome because when i wake up, she already gone and leave me a message that she will pick me up tomorrow morning as usual and thanks to me for the sex services. She ask me to keep this story as a secret but i never promise it. Hak3

I hope i cqn fuck her everydays untul
I finish my job at here. ☺️
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